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Hello everyone  

To those who are following the podcasts, you will have seen this coming!  For those who aren't....well...I hope this topic just might pique your interest; because it's about the environment as a whole, our food, and how we might do better to sustain and nurture the earth that provides for us.

Which is why I'm delighted to invite you to join us for an INTRODUCTION to BIODYNAMICS with HAMISH MACKAY and CHARLIE ARNOTT on SATURDAY 30 MARCH.

Many of you know that I've tinkered with biodynamic methods in my kitchen gardening efforts here, but that I've never gone the whole hog. What I can tell you, is that it's because of the few biodynamic workshops I've attended over the years, that I've come to have a better understanding of healthy soil, its make-up and why it requires so much nurture and care. Our health surely depends on it, because the medium our food grows in, impacts the produce we eat. I'm sure you've all seen the slogan 'we are what our food ate' and to be quite blunt....I don't much look forward to a future where food is grown in a petrie dish.  Therefore, if there are alternate ways to replenish depleted resources, to nurture the land, and encourage it to realise its full potential, I feel inclined to keep an open mind. 

Hamish Mackay has been working with biodynamics for 46 years, advising, teaching; and I've invited Charlie Arnott along too, because (while they work closely together anyway) it's many years now since Charlie implemented biodynamic methods on his family farm at Boorrowa, and the proof, as they say, is in the pudding. 

Aside from us having the opportunity to learn from Charlie's personal experience, (drought and stock numbers at Hanaminno-pending), he's going to do his best to set aside a cut or two of his award-winning lamb to BBQ at the workshop (not something we often do at our long table lunches).  Of course, I'll still pick from the garden, so our usual seasonal, garden-inspired lunch won't go too off-piste! 

You can find all the details and the booking page here.  As it's taken several years to tie these two to a date for a workshop at Glenmore, I don't imagine it's likely to happen again any time soon.  So whether you're a gardener, a farmer, or just have the good sense to take more than a passing interest in how your food is grown, I reckon this is a day that's simply not to be missed!

All three of us will very much look forward to seeing you here.  

Very best wishes


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