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Espaliered apricot in blossom...

Hello everyone,

As I head off to the garden show, I'm only too well aware that spring has sprung & tasks to tackle in the kitchen garden for the upcoming season are many!  They will simply have to wait, but as I have often declared in the past....there's no need to panic! Our EARLY SPRING KITCHEN GARDENING DAY (this year) on FRIDAY 27 SEPTEMBER is always perfectly timed to coincide with preparation and planting for the warm season ahead.

The garden right now is in the midst of a profusion of produce: these are the months we eat well - from peas to broad beans, fennel and beetroot, parsnips, kale and a full spectrum of leafy greens.  I tread the paths amongst a sea of poppies nodding in the breeze, whilst fruit trees blossom and herbs come into flower before setting seed.  As a result, the garden looks a bit out of control - in full flush, many plants become leggy, but on this cusp of seasonal change, its the perfect time for you to learn and make plans for your own garden.

For full details of the day and to make a booking, please click here, or if you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to contact me.

Linda and I will very much hope to see you here for a day of inspiration, food and knowledge shared. 

Best wishes as always,


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