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Petals spent, buds anew as one season merges with the next...

Hello everyone,

Yes it's true, this is indeed the final of the series...from the Introduction, through twelve monthly episodes. Now....

is  LIVE!

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While episode twelve closed the loop, the 'wrap' balances out the 'introduction', topping and tailing the twelve monthly episodes. From elation to sheer frustration, seed to seed, soil to plate, I've shared the joy as well as the inevitable disasters that go hand in hand with kitchen gardening. 

If you missed out on listening first time around, the time is exactly right to begin with the introduction, then episode one all over again! I intend to leave the episodes and their corresponding notes 'live' so you can revisit them, to keep you on track, if you feel so inclined.  I know some of you are finding them to be a valuable resource and in reality, the main elements change little from year to year.

Of course I'll be rather sorry not to have the podcast deadline keeping me on track; though on the other hand, I might get some of my precious gardening time back and not feel quite so tormented! Or at least not be stopping mid-task to record an interesting sound so I can just get on with the job! Oh but it's been fun and I know many of you have enjoyed the episodes very much.

Now of course, I can focus on Open Garden!  I've just realised it's next month! How terrifying! So I'll be in touch with more details on that score soon, but I do hope you have those dates etched into your diary: 23 & 24 November, when we're marking 30 years at Glenmore with open garden in the style of a very intimate spring garden fair!

In the meantime, I hope very much that you enjoy the Final Wrap of the podcast series, in the kitchen garden.  

Very best wishes as always,


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