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Cape gooseberry lanterns...

Hello everyone,

I can hardly believe it but yes.....

is now LIVE!

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This is the episode to close the loop - the missing segment that documents twelve months here in the kitchen garden: all the comings and goings throughout the seasons, from soil to seed and back again. 

What a task!  But I'm not quite finished yet.  Next month, there will be a 'wrap'; just as the episodes began with an 'introduction'

For now though it's as if time stood still, as we're just a few weeks shy of where I began. The very same scenario is about to unfurl all over again...already I can see the citrus about to burst into blossom and scent the air, just as they were at the beginning of episode one.

We're eating well, I'm sowing seed; as well as making plans and early preparations for the season ahead as the spring/summer crop rotation looms.

As does Open Garden on 23 & 24 November, about which there will be more soon!

But in the meantime, I do hope you enjoy this cusp of the season podcast, that is episode twelve!

Very best wishes


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