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by  Daniel Shipp for 'The House and Garden at Glenmore', Murdoch Books...

Hello everyone, 

Earlier in the year, in response to your various requests, I mooted the idea of another kind of day to spend at Glenmore.  For want of what on earth to call it, I thought 'At Home with Mickey' might just encapsulate your suggestions.

I know some of you don't necessarily want to hear  just about kitchen gardening, or particularly to have a cooking 'class'...though you seem to enjoy whiling away the day here, pottering about admiring the roses, so to speak.....collecting and picking some treats to eat, doing a bit of cooking (just not too much) and mostly, enjoying a jolly nice lunch. Does that sum up your requests?

In order for me to see if it does, I'm putting the first one out there, to see what you say!
WEDNESDAY 12 APRIL is the week before Easter, so a delightful time for a celebration of sorts.....with autumn flowers to pick, the first apple cake of the season to bake, a little sorrel soup to enjoy, amongst other deliciousness.  The first AT HOME WITH MICKEY would look a little like the 'Mid-Autumn and Easter' chapter in The House and Garden at Glenmore!  I think it sounds rather fun, so I hope you might be tempted to join me. 

You know I can't ever decide if you want to visit Glenmore at the weekend or on a weekday - whichever I choose I know it won't agree with everyone, so if you'd like me to run another of these on a weekend (or for a group of your own friends on a date to suit you) do let me know.

Limited to a total of six participants, these days will be on a very intimate scale. For all the details and to make a booking for this very first one, please click here and as always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.   

I'll very much hope to see you here!

Best wishes


ps Details coming very soon for Quiches, Tarts & Flans with Barbara Sweeney on Friday 5 May, and a morning of Disobedient Gardens with Michael Cooke on Friday May 12. Don't forget the Camden Show where I'll have a stall on 31 March & 1 April and....the always much anticipated (by me anyway!) Collectors' Plant Fair which returns to the Hawkesbury Race Club at Clarendon (near Richmond) on 8 & 9 April.

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