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Winter goodness..

Hello everyone,

It's orange time at Glenmore, literally!  The season is aglow with all the glorious citrus tones, from mellow yellow to deepest amber.  The branches of orange, lemon and mandarin trees strain under the weight of their fruit and edible nasturtiums and calendula offer their happy faces to the winter sun.  When split, each pumpkin reveals clear golden flesh, while bright orange cliveas and spires of ornamental aloe punctuate the dry landscape. 

I just thought I'd send you a little note with some mid-winter cheer & a suggestion or two!  For instance, if you feel like an outing that will take little exertion but will make you smile, why not join me on the pavement tomorrow morning, SATURDAY 19 JULY for Sibella Court's WINTER FLEA MARKET at THE SOCIETY INC. 8am - 12 noon.  I'll be taking some treats from the garden and it would be fun to see you there.  Sibella will be releasing her new collection of hardware and if her old collection is anything to go by, there will be bits & bobs to discover that you just hadn't realised you needed, but now couldn't do without (you wouldn't believe how useful a Gypsy Peg or two can be!).

For those who choose instead to cosy up in front of the fire, you may like to pick up a copy of the August/September issue of BELLE MAGAZINE, where Richard Unsworth has written a delightful article about the garden here at Glenmore :) or you may like to take a peek at my most recent BLOG posts.  (I've been assured they're quite good value for whiling away an hour or so if you're in the mood!).

But for those who are feeling restless, I urge you to think about attending our INTRODUCTION TO KITCHEN GARDENING SPRING/SUMMER, on SATURDAY 30 AUGUST.  The season will soon be turning and we have such a great deal of information about good, timely organic kitchen gardening principles to share with you. All the details of Kitchen Gardening Days can be viewed here, or to make a booking and for specific details of this particular day, click here.

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact me.  I have some exciting spring events on the boil, and I will look forward to sharing details of them with you very soon!

Very best wishes


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