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Summer basket of beans, toms, petals & fennel buds...

Hello everyone,

As I find myself still juggling dates for the 2014 calendar, I wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you were all able to enjoy a little summer holiday and that you're already tackling the excitement and challenges of 2014! 

I'll be uploading details of Kitchen Gardening & Seasonal Cooking Days, as well as a series of Exciting Events, just as soon as I possibly can.so watch out for next week's newsletter! 

To prove I haven't been completely idle these past weeks, do take a peek at my blog (despite my best efforts at social media, this is still my go-to place for uploading delightful discoveries and thoughts that might interest you).  In the past weeks, the garden here has been baked dry, stewed, momentarily drowned and now seems hung out to shrivel, but incredibly, there are still treasures to be found. An easy climate for growing, this is not!

I'll very much look forward to seeing many of you here during the course of the year - I have plenty of treats in store with which to tempt you!

Very best wishes


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