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All the dizzying prettiness of spring......image Belinda Jeffery.....

Hello everyone,

Have you ever embarked on corresponding with someone you've never met....to discover it evolves into an activity of length and regularity? This was the happy outcome for me with BELINDA JEFFERY....and I have a feeling pretty much anyone would slip into a similar mode of conversation with this icon of the cooking fraternity....because that's how she is....generous, thoughtful, honest. 

This spirit of generosity (as well as delicious food) is what I expect we will all fall under the spell of, when we present SPRING GARDEN COOKING with BELINDA JEFFERY at GLENMORE on  FRIDAY 15 SEPTEMBER. It will be a gentle day, picking in the garden and cooking some of Belinda's favourite spring recipes, which we will then enjoy together for lunch. I love that Belinda won't commit to just what recipes we'll prepare....a girl after my own heart....I never know what on earth I'm going to prepare for the lunches here until a day or two before....depending on what's in the garden and the weather report (as unreliable as both may be!).  And so it will be a day of true (and I've no doubt) sensational seasonality.

When I asked Belinda to forward some 'bumph' for me to work with in order to prepare our booking form, she included this passage written by our mutual friend Barbara Sweeney (who needs no introduction here).  While Belinda was a bit hesitant, I can't resist including it....with Barbara's permission:

"There are a number of ways to compliment cookbook authors:  food-smeared pages for one and more than one of their books on your bookshelf.  But, the greatest compliment has to be the pleasure of finding that a recipe's worked - and worked well. All around the country, cooks pay these compliments and more to author Belinda Jeffery.  She has a wonderful knack of creating recipes for food that you genuinely want to eat and a warm, distinctive writing style that is concise and comprehensive.  This award-winning author has worked as a cook, TV food presenter, freelance writer, restaurant reviewer and cooking teacher. Belinda's books include Belinda Jeffery's Collected Recipes;  Mix & Bake; The Country Cook Book; Desserts; Utterly Delicious Simple Food , and her most recent book, The Salad Book, which is already in its third reprint".  So there you go!  I'm very excited and just delighted to invite you the spend the day with Belinda here.

For all details and to make a booking, please click here and if you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Best wishes as always,


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