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Late spring / early summer in the Kitchen Garden.....

Hello everyone,

How I love this time of year - when the folly of my gardening methods come full circle and the Kitchen Garden becomes a wild and romantic meadow, escaping its rigid, disciplined, regimented order: there is method in my madness, as all who have attended inThe Kitchen Garden Days well know!

I just thought I'd drop you a line to let you know I've decided to claim the first Saturday of each month for 2018 (except January, April and July) for those days that are at the very heart of Glenmore House: inTHE KITCHEN GARDEN WITH MICKEY. Many of you are enquiring about gift certificates, so now you can be assured there will indeed by something for lucky recipients to attend!

In fact, the end of this event season celebrates 10 years of workshops and very small scale special events at Glenmore!  How those years have flown....how many delightful participants have driven through the Glenmore House gates to attend a day either with me or that now string of experts in their area of interest, ready to engage, encourage and inspire!  So now that the last event of the year is over, I'm frantically working on an enticing calendar of special events for 2018....I will add them to the website as details firm up and of course, will keep up the newsletters to let you know more (without sending so many they drive you nuts - promise).

2017 has been such a full and exciting year and I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all who have come to share their particular skill during the course of it: Emiko Davies, Linda Ross, Michael Cooke, Anthia Koullouros (Ovvio), Barbara Sweeney, Penny Simons, Jardine Hansen, Michelle Schoeps (Love and Bones Broth), Julia Bussutil Nishimura (Ostro), Sarah Glover & Luisa Brimble (Wild Adventure Cookbook), Belinda Jeffery, Matilda Dumas, Alison Renwick and our Chamber Concert musicians Jane Sheldon, Lamorna Nightingale, Bree van Reyk; and Anna Simamora for cooking the concert lunch. As well as Kim Smith, who has diligently helped behind the scenes on event days, ensuring all runs smoothly, heeding my 'run sheets' to do everything from tearing herbs the way I like them, to perfecting my favourite risotto, and raking the gravel between sessions so that all is neat and tidy the way she knows I like it to be! She is extremely hard working and deserves a gold star (though I don't think I'm too difficult to work for really!).  And last but not least, to Christina Strutt at Cabbages & Roses for a lovely party to launch The House and Garden at Glenmore in London!

One more thought, thanks to an email prompt:  the atHOME WITH MICKEY days have been taken up with gusto by private groups - a number of them from interstate, allowing me to tailor-make the substance of the day to their main interests.  They tell me it's such a lovely way to celebrate a birthday, or some other special occasion.....or just to have their very own kitchen gardening-cum-cooking day with friends and to hurl every question at me they can think of, from decorating to compost and everything in between!  So if collecting a group of like-minded friends for your own idyllic day in the country to learn, dream, eat and be inspired sounds like a thing....do let me know!  

I'm not checking out for the season yet - there is too much to do at my desk, and in the garden!  Enjoy these early days of the silly season.

With very best wishes


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