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Cake baking day....

Hello everyone,

I think its time for an almost spring CAKE BAKING DAY!  Who of you will join me? On FRIDAY 23 AUGUST we'll bake some of my favourites - using oranges, lemons, rhubarb and apple, ginger, herbs and spices!  We'll bake all the favourites you enjoy at workshops here, and of course we'll also pick & gather to make a lovely garden lunch to enjoy (with any luck, sheltered in sunshine amidst the first blossom of the season).  So contact your friends and plan a treat for yourself, followed by a weekend taste-testing all the pieces you'll take away, wrapped in baking paper and tied up with string....

For all details, please click here and if you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to contact me.

Very best wishes as always,


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