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Out with the old, in with new season's veg.....

Hello everyone,

What a thrilling moment it is, as new shoots of corn push up through pretty snapdragons, the first bean tendrils twist around vertical bamboo supports, clouds of parsley flowers wave in the breeze and fennel flowers reach for the sky (both attracting good bugs!).  New tomato plants are finding their feet along with zucchini and aubergine, capsicum and cucumber.....all accompanied by the shrill sound of cicadas as the days warm and the intoxicating scent of jasmine fills the air.  Is it my favourite time of year? Perhaps!

And so I'd love you to join me for the last inTHE KITCHEN GARDEN WITH MICKEY for the year.  The afternoon session is already fully booked, but there are still a few places available for the morning session and there is oh so much to take in.  Aside from seeing all the above and learning how I'll nurture the garden through the coming months, I'm busy harvesting seed (such a significant part of the process) and putting into practice some of my favourite methods of kitchen gardening, so I'm sure you'll glean many a helpful tip during a morning spent with me in the garden. Then there's lunch of course....who knows which of the veg will tempt me most to prepare by then....will it be the row of beetroot that's ready to pull and bake with thyme (or to scatter with those beautiful new lovage tips) and the carrots ready to be dug for that favourite chilled soup? Or should I make a chilled beetroot soup and concoct some other seasonal treat? I'm pretty sure those beautiful chive flowers, baby amaranth leaves and fennel buds will appear in some shape or form!  All details and the booking form can be found here.

Also, there are just two places left at our WILLOW WREATHS, HEARTS & STARS WORKSHOP with PENNY SIMONS.  A day of pure creative indulgence - you'll take home the fabulous pieces I just know you will make under Penny's patient guidance. These are not wee decorations for the tree, but on a substantial scale and last year's workshop was one of the most delightful ever.  And there will be lunch....most probably in the Hayshed due to the amount of material Penny will bring on the day that's inclined to fill the Loggia!  Lunch in the Hayshed is always a treat - even for me. It will be a day of some celebration, to mark the beginning of the festive season, appropriately on 1 DECEMBER. All details here.  Penny and I would love to see you on the day.

Matilda Dumas and I were delighted so many of you braved the weather to view (and buy.....almost all!!) her exhibition of abstract landscape  paintings and wander the garden during the weekend of 4 & 5 November.  The Dairy was absolutely filled with Til's colourful, exuberant works that resound with her spirit of spontaneity and joy.  We had a right old time in the Barn too, lots of 'planty' conversations in the garden, and have hardly any plants left on the seedling bench!  It looks like I'm in for a spell of propagating for next year....

There will however, be just enough goodies to take along to the IRIS COUNTRY FAIR this coming SATURDAY 18 NOVEMBER at FRENSHAM, MITTAGONG. Essential work dresses, hats and aprons, copies of The House and Garden at Glenmore and Sarah Glover's Wild Adventure Cookbook* (which I reckon would make the best pressie for young women.....this is all about being out in the fabulous Australian landscape, sharing food with family and friends, and it's jam packed with inspiring ideas for the holidays ahead).  I'll also have the usual collection of invaluable kit, like colanders (footed so perfect in the garden), gardener's nail brushes, veg brushes, linen napkins and tea towels; Aussie made copper gardening tools, wood-handled secateurs, wire cloches and yes, lengths of that willow edge!  All good and useful (as well as beautiful) presents! There are a few new little items I'm excited to be bringing along too.....all of which I'd like to see in my own Christmas stocking!  The very last batch of beautiful handmade trugs for the year have literally just arrived from Bill in New Zealand.....one of each #7, #6 and #5.  Now one of those would make someone especially happy on Christmas morn!

I will very much hope to see you either at Mittagong this week, for inThe Kitchen Garden with me next week, or for playful weaving in a fortnight!  Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

With best wishes as always,


*Sarah Glover's Wild Adventure Cookbook (beautifully photographed by Luisa Brimble) was launched here a couple of months ago...out in the paddock, with a picnic under a peppercorn tree alongside Linda's flower, cake and champagne packed Kombi 'Luna'.  If you backtrack through instagram you will discover many a crazy and delightful post! @misssarahglover @luisabrimble @linda_kirin_ross @glenmorehouse !!

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