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Burdock coming into flower for the first time....

Hello everyone,

Part of the enormous fun of initiating the series of HERBAL GARDEN WORKSHOPS at GLENMORE for me, has been in creating a small garden especially for ANTHIA KOULLOUROS.  Cut into a section of what was once the home paddock for Clemmie's horse (now long gone), 'Anthia's Garden' makes up one of three floating beds that I delight in playing with.  When I suggested devoting one of them to Anthia and her workshops, she gave me a list of plants she would like in her tiny Physic Garden.  On the list was a name I'd seen, but a plant I knew nothing about. I eventually tracked down Burdock, Arctium lappa, planted it last year and have been waiting patiently ever since to see what it does. Here you can see it budding up for the very first time.  I'm so excited I make a little trek to visit it each morning, so I'm very much hoping that it will still be in flower for the next HERBAL GARDEN WORKSHOP!

Set for SATURDAY 21 OCTOBER, Anthia and I very much hope you will be tempted to join us for the next of these absolutely joyous and informative days. We spend the best part of the  morning session on a garden wander, inspecting and talking about the everyday plants I have here in the garden that have some beneficial purpose to our health and wellbeing.  After that, Anthia guides participants through a comprehensive day of....general goodness.  

As always, participants will sit down to a long-table, garden inspired seasonal lunch, then much of the afternoon session is devoted to mixing and stirring, experimenting with all kinds of ingredients.  Oh so much fun....it's an intoxicating kind of day! Everyone's heads are spinning in delight after hours with Anthia sharing every morsel of information she can, all of which can be applied in day-to-day life.

So come and see the Burdock! I have a feeling it may be more colourful by then.  All details and the booking form are here, and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.  Anthia and I will so look forward to seeing you here.

Very best wishes as always,


ps I see there are just a few places left at this month's inThe Kitchen Garden with Mickey on Saturday 30 September.  Oh my goodness there is a lot to show you down there, so if you'd like to join the morning or afternoon session, all the details are here!

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