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I'll be off to the.....

Hello everyone,

I'm so excited to have been invited to take a stand this year at the COLLECTORS' PLANT FAIR, on 12 & 13 APRIL.

This is an event that I look forward to each year with great anticipation!  To visit always feels like an adventure, holding all kinds of possibility.  Perhaps I might finally hunt down some specimen I've been searching for, or make a new discovery to dream about! If you've never had the joy of visiting, don't worry if you're no great plant buff - no superior knowledge is required.  You will be delighted to find a collection of friendly, passionate people, along with their collections of beautifully presented, healthy & most desirable plants.  (I do know someone who sets themselves a limit in advance,  in order not to lose their heads completely in the excitement of the day!).

Last year, with nothing specific in mind, I left with an exquisite dark-red flowering Bromeliad and a Pachypodium (Madagascar palm).  To be quite honest, while I'd heard of a Pachypodium, I didn't actually know what it was.  But I do now, so I learned something too. And it's doing brilliantly!  I get a little thrill of excitement when I see it each day, as it's not just the plant, but the reminder of a delightful day out, a drive towards the mountains, (always a romantic notion) and the link with an exotic place I've never visited (but would love to one day).  These are the multiple joys of the plant fair - it's a journey on many levels, and I encourage you to enjoy a similar day this year!

I'll also be taking something new for you to see.  I've been working on a design for a plant stand, and the very first ones will be available at the fair.  I'll post something on my blog about these and some other new arrivals, very soon.  But in the meantime, for all the details of the fair, just click here, or to contact me for any other reason (I'm always happy to hear from you) here. 

I'll very much look forward to seeing you in April, for all the fun of the PLANT FAIR!

Very best wishes


ps Now that the location of the fair has moved from Bilpin down to the flat (not far from Richmond & Windsor), it's so much easier to get to - a pleasant trip for everyone, with easy parking and access.

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