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Simply itching to get my secateurs out very soon!

Hello everyone,

Me again, and I'm so sorry to send two newsletters almost in a row, but time is of the essence.....so just this one....then I promise I'll leave you alone for some weeks!

You all know that the (now broad range of) workshops and events here sprang from my passion to get you growing seasonal veg in the Kitchen Garden, but that doesn't mean I'm any less interested in the rest of the garden too; and at any given workshop, I often find myself happily dispensing advice to those who ask, about how and when to cut back this plant or that.  

So as I primped and preened and tied and deadheaded last weekend, a thought occurred to me: why not take the opportunity to use the spent growth you see above, and use it to show those who are keen to know, just how and where to cut back.  The timing is perfect...before I get stuck into the task and it's all gone! And not just in the Borders....but in the Arc, Mrs R's, the Courtyard and around the Barn....the roses, shrubs and as many other plants here whose habit you're keen to question.  I don't mean we will do it all, but we'll make many cuts so you can see just how and where, with a wide variety of plant material. It will be brutal (I warn you)....but fun!

So I invite you to join me for WINTER PRUNING & ALL THAT on SATURDAY 17 JUNE.  There's no point in showing it to you after it's done, when all is neat and tidy. I realise that school holidays are fast approaching, so it's now or next year for this workshop, as once we reach early July, it's off with their heads!

This will be an intensive morning session in the garden, followed by a simple garden-inspired lunch - long-table of course.  I'll open 12 places and see what happens!

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask.  You can find the booking details here.  Spur of the moment - nothing like it!

I'll hope to see you keen-to-be gardeners here then.

Best wishes as always,


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