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Garden herb-filled quiche.....

Hello everyone,

Following all the fun of our initial much anticipated workshop last autumn, I am delighted to invite you this time to SPRING QUICHES, TARTS & FLANS with BARBARA SWEENEY on FRIDAY 6 OCTOBER.

What fun we had back in May!  Flour all over the place, rolling pins at the ready.  Iced water, cubed butter, eggs, cream and....of course, lovely produce from the garden.  And did we enjoy the most scrumptious of lunches?  Oh yes we did!  

Can you believe that (following our workshop) even this hopeless quiche-maker achieved a splendid one when friends came to lunch a couple of weeks ago? Filled with slivers of chard whose coloured stalks I managed to distribute throughout the egg....I really felt quite pleased with myself (the filling even stayed inside my pastry case!).....told you I was a dud at quiches before, which is how (those of you who have been with me for awhile know) the idea for this workshop came about in the first place!

To accompany those perfect quiches and tarts, I've been successionally sowing lettuces to be sure we can enjoy a perky leaf salad from the garden too. This is a workshop for anyone keen to improve their pastry skills or even to make these 'open-top pastry cases' for the very first time....from scratch. We don't mind how many silly questions you ask - that's why we're running the workshop.

Barbara Sweeney is the convenor of Sydney's fabulous and highly respected annual event 'Food and Words' (coming up on Saturday 16 September) as well as often being seen around the traps as 'The Talking Cookbook'. That's when she's not interviewing chefs, cooks or writing for Country Style. She simply revels in food words as much as food origin...the back stories of growers through to the inspiration that drives cooks and the background of ingredients. She likes to get to the nub of things - whether a good story, or the elements of good pastry. So on the day, Barbara will explain (and demonstrate) what should be an enjoyable process in her calm, thorough and methodical way.

We both very much hope you will join us. If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to get in touch.  You can discover all the details of the day, as well as the booking form here.

Very best wishes as always,


ps image above from the autumn Quiches, Tarts & Flans Workshop at Glenmore, snapped by Kim Smith.

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