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Autumn pears....

Hello everyone,

I thought it time for a gentle reminder that WINTER KITCHEN GARDENING will take place on SATURDAY 3 MAY.

The last weeks have seen a complete transformation in the kitchen garden here.  The process of seasonal crop rotation is almost complete, the beds replenished with our beautiful compost, and both seed and seedlings are doing well.  I'm impatient each morning for my daily inspection of progress!

Linda and I very much hope you can join us on 3 May, so we can share all the relevant information you need at this timely moment of the growing season.  Whilst there will be much discussion of perennial veg and fruiting trees, the emphasis for the afternoon session will be on making compost, as its the health of your soil that is the most important factor in the success (or otherwise) of your own burgeoning Kitchen Garden.

For a full list of topics and all the details of the day, please click here.  I've had a number of events since our autumn kitchen gardening day at the beginning of March, and am reminded once again just how quickly the variety of seasonal produce changes.  (From time to time, the same participants attend several events in a row, which keeps me on my toes if I'm to surprise them with new ingredients each time!).

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to contact me.  You might like to take a peek at my most recent blog posts here.  You will see I'm in the midst of a persimmon glut - (things could be worse!) but if you happen to call in, you know what will end up on a plate before you!

Very best wishes as always,


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