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Guess who, in the December issue of Country Style magazine??!!

Hello everyone,

A few weeks ago (on the spur of the moment at the Harper's Mansion Plant Fair) I somehow talked myself into opening the Barn for a shopping day in December - I'm still not entirely sure how it happened....I just got chatting to a lovely group of visitors to my stall and next thing.....well, I suggested FRIDAY 11 DECEMBER and there it was!

I have some lovely things here; from aprons, dresses and hats, to locally made willow structures*, Australian made copper gardening tools, linen napkins, pudding basins and a host of dish, bottle, veg and nail brushes (excellent stocking fillers), as well as my favourite hand cream and a very few fine handcrafted trugs.  These things and more....all highly desirable and useful wares for the gardener, cook; fancier of domestic activity and scenario (both over the festive holiday period and for the rest of the year). 

Most important to mention though, is the collection of PLANTS I have - all taken from cuttings in the garden here, their roots bursting to escape through their delightful coir pots.  They include some of my absolute favourites, from Lavenders allardii, angustifolia (I finally found a variety that grows in our climate) and dentata, to healthy specimens of my best Rosemary - the one that lines the Hayshed and adds strength to all kinds of pockets in the garden here. Rose and citronella-scented pelargoniums - I can't imagine how I ever had a garden without them (tough-as-can-be, perfumed and highly attractive whether in the ground or a pot), as well as the pretty grey-foliaged Artemisia absinthium (excellent for making moth repellant bundles in autumn). Buddleja 'Black Knight' (in flower in the garden at the moment and who's deep honey scent is trapped all around the Dairy), Escallonia illinita (an excellent robust shrub) and a few other delights you may consider to be treasures found: all would enjoy a proper home and are ready to plant into the ground, pot and all. 

Now this madness is NOT open garden!  It will just me in the Barn, but of course you will be welcome to wander in the garden** while you're here. This is a rare, low-key, one-off day.  So please plan as if you are en-route to somewhere....a lunch beyond us or perhaps to visit friends (or if like me, you're running at a frantic pace, you might like to grab a friend and make a mad dash round-trip!).

10.30am - 3pm FRIDAY 11 DECEMBER  (you won't find a Christmas decoration in sight!) but I'll very much hope to see a handful of you here!

Best wishes as always,


ps Recent blog posts here! 
pps Country Style December issue comes out today, 30 November!
* Living Willow Workshop 2016, details coming soon.
** I may have to ask you to sign a copy of our terms & conditions upon entry to the garden - please wear sensible shoes, pay attention to hazards etc. If you're concerned, details of these can be viewed here.  Sorry - I really hate to be a bore! 

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