Event name: Spring Italian Cooking with Angela Palermo

Spring Italian Cooking with Angela Palermo, Sunday 15 September 2019

About Angela Palermo and The Village Cooks Instagram: @_angelapalermo_ and @thevillagecooks

Angela Palermo, founder and teacher of The Village Cooks, trained as a pastry chef and has worked for the likes of Rachel Grisewood, Lorraine Godsmark and Andy Bunn. Her cooking and baking is heavily influenced by her Italian heritage and growing up in a family that grew its own food and created dishes from their own produce. Angela shares her love of simple, home-style cooking and baking with students at her cooking school The Village Cooks and teaches Pasta Classes at Cornersmith, Sydney.

Workshop description: 

While a Citron Tart may have been the catalyst for this event; it was talk of citrus and the produce of a burgeoning spring kitchen garden that prompted a wild list of possibilities for this Spring Italian Cooking Workshop. As homemade pasta and Angela are simply inseperable, pasta that's 'pici' will be on the menu, and in the class; combined with spring veg from the garden. So cooking with spring veg, as well as pastry and lemon curd will all be on the agenda.  It will be full, fun and delicious!

The day will begin at 10am in the Dairy with morning tea...and, you guessed it...Lemon Curd Tart! During the morning we will pick and cook...and when the labour of love is done...and our heads are spinning with all that Ange has shared; that our eyes have seen and hands gently participated in...we will eat!  Depending on the weather, we will enjoy a long-table lunch either in the loggia or if it's too chilly, inside by the fire. You never can tell at that time of year. With time to potter in the Barn and linger longer in the garden, we expect the day to end by 4pm.

Cost $280.00 per person. 


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