to celebrate 30 years at Glenmore House

Stall holders so far...

Lunch in the Hayshed, Martin Boetz  Cooks Co-Op 

Tea in the Dairy, Ovvio Organic 

Cakes from The House and Garden at Glenmore in the Dairy, Jillie Arnott

Twig Furniture on the Croquet Lawn, Joe Vinks 

Romantic Plants on the Croquet Lawn, The Secret Garden & Nursery

Artist Studio and Exhibition in the Dairy, Matilda Dumas  

Flower Stall in the Dairy, The Flowerseekers

Edible Flowers and Veg Boxes on the Croquet Lawn, Piccolo Farm

The Barn will be open...and brimming with plants from the garden at Glenmore and Mickey's Essential Kit