The 2018 schedule of exciting events is constantly being updated as each event is finalised.

Please join the mailing list to be the first to know details. We will very much hope to see you here during the course of 2018.

Some of the excitements in store for 2018 include:

In the Kitchen Garden with Mickey (this year it will be the first Saturday of each month, morning and afternoon sessions...except for the one at the beginning of February which will be morning only, given it's still so hot at that time of year. (That said, it can't be dismissed from the calendar as there is just so much to learn from the summer garden in full flight).


Saturday 22nd Sep - Camden Garden Festival Afternoon Tea

Coming soon, details of: Quiches, Tarts and Flans with Barbara Sweeney on 12 May, Willow Structures with Penny Simons on August 24 and Abstract Landscape Painting with Matilda Dumas on 9 November.  When we can find a date, return visits by Jardine Hansen (botanical magician) and Michelle Schoeps (broth queen). But there will also be some new thrills to anticipate, such as a pickling workshop with Alex Elliot-Howery of Cornersmith; a wild adventure workshop and picnic with Sarah Glover; and.....a discussion and lunch with three of our leading interior designers (as Mickey just can't leave her interior design roots behind.....even though her kitchen gardening ones keep her firmly anchored to the ground at Glenmore!).  

We will have a stall at the annual Collectors' Plant Fair, 7 and 8 April.

If you would like to register your interest in any of these days, please contact us.

And if you would like to collect a copy of The House and Garden at Glenmore, or pick up an Essential Dress or Hat, a basket or watering can, handmade trug or nail brush, a bottle of ironing water or a bundle of linen napkins, or even a seedling or two from the garden, you can visit the Barn by appointment - please just contact us to make a time.