at Home with Mickey

These days begin at 10am with a relaxed morning tea including one of Mickey's naughty but nice garden-inspired cakes, and an introduction to the delightful day ahead. 

During the course of the day you will pick seasonal produce and flowers from the garden to contribute towards a long-table lunch and enjoy a garden wander where we will dally for questions and conversation as the mood takes us.  Mickey is always up for discussing the care and nurture of any of the plants in the garden, and a bit of decorating chat on the side. We will do some tasting and cooking along the way, and enjoy a delicious lunch. The day will simply unfold according to the season, so a surprise of sorts will be in store!

Mickey slots these days in when time allows, so be sure to join the mailing list to know when the next date is coming up. Alternatively, if you would like to arrange your own private group of friends for this experience, please contact us.  The days are ideally suited to 6 people.

 Cost $280.00 per person