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Can you smell that glorious just-dug earth from there.....?

Hello everyone,

Here come those first pale nuggets, heralding the new season's produce on our plates: Jerusalem artichokes are always the first veg to shake things up here. Up 'til now, we've had the summer hangers-on (much as we love them to the very end) like the toms, aubergines and capsicums that grow through summer for a peak autumn harvest.  But they're dwindling now, as the new flourish gathers strength.  Black Tuscan Kale, Cavolo nero, will be the next off the block - I'm just waiting for the first frost to dust their handsome, crinkly leaves and in the meantime, they're bulking up beautifully.

Which brings me to....the next inTHE KITCHEN GARDEN with MICKEY on SATURDAY 2 JUNE.  Last weekend's was a delight, with a diverse and keen group of participants once again: mother/daughter, husband/wife, best friend combinations, as well as those on their own....and they're never alone for long here! I so enjoy the sense of camaraderie that springs up at each of our days.  Everyone left with paper bags of fresh seed plucked straight from stems, a bag of artichokes for those keen to re-create our morsels at lunch, a spring in their step and smiles all over their lovely faces after a jolly lunch.  I look forward to doing it all over again at the beginning of next month.  

The garden by then, of course, will have moved on.  I expect burgeoning growth now as seeds sown push through the earth and do their thing.  Much will be about care and nurture of these precious crops, as winter is just as productive a growing season as summer in the Kitchen Garden. And there will be just a wee hint of winter advice on planning for next summer!  (I know that sounds daft, but there are things to do if you want to get the ball rolling in time....).

I will very much hope to see you here....rain (wishful thinking I guess), hail or shine.  You can find the booking form with all details here and if you have any questions at all, please contact me.  

With very best wishes


ps Winter Pruning & all that, 16 June details next week....though the booking form is here!

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