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A collection of structures created at last year's workshop....

Hello everyone,

Here at last....are the details of our much anticipated 2018 WILLOW STRUCTURE WORKSHOP with PENNY SIMONS on FRIDAY 24 AUGUST! 

How excited I am that Penny has agreed to teach this day once again....collecting enough raw material for 10 participants for a start, is no mean feat; but oh the thrill of last year's event!  At the beginning there was a certain amount of palpable apprehension on seeing the mounds of material on the floor of the Dairy (abated by morning tea in the sun and Penny's inspiring introduction to willow).  Then, under her watchful eye, guiding hand and expert tuition, every participant created a charming structure to take home to their own garden.  In fact....two have already booked in again so they can add to their collection! And why not?  They can delight in knowing they made the structures themselves, while also soaking up all the information Penny has to share and basking in the general friendly banter and camaraderie as everyone works alongside each other.  Then, of course, a scrumptious garden-inspired lunch will keep fingers nimble and quench inevitable hunger pangs due to the effort expended in the quest for the perfect shape and finishing flourish!

Penny does suggest this is an intermediate class, though only one participant last year had any previous experience.  A certain amount of dexterity is required though: in particular you need to have strong hands.  Once complete, these beauties will support climbing peas or beans, perhaps a clematis if you're lucky enough to be able to grow one, but even unadorned they create a delightful focal point in the garden.  One other thing to keep in mind is that you do need to bring a vehicle large enough to fit your completed work into!  Or scale your structure to suit....

I can't wait to see it happen all over again.  For all details, and to make a booking, please click here.  As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

With very best wishes


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