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A-pickling we will go....image by Cornersmith

Hello everyone

While I know some of you are still being seduced by warmer climes (and why not? good heavens we've had some chilly days worth escaping from here!), welcome back to those who have returned from school holidays and/or a mid-winter break.  

It occurs to me, at this stage of the growing season, that some of you may take a look at your own kitchen gardens and realise that perhaps this time you've overdone the numbers in the beetroot row? Planted one too many caulies? Got a bit over-excited with the radishes? Or went one cabbage too far?  And maybe....knowing how to deal with the excess mightn't be such a bad idea? If you got your successional sowing in a bit of a pickle, then pickling just may be the solution to excess produce! (ok....sorry!). Of course understanding pickling techniques would also set you in good stead for summer produce when it too rolls around (and naturally there's nothing stopping you from buying good organic produce to pickle either).

CORNERSMITH founder ALEX ELLIOTT-HOWERY is, without question, the go-to girl on this topic and her visit to GLENMORE ON FRIDAY 17 AUGUST is timely indeed, given the big spring harvest isn't far off.  The workshop planned will arm you with all the information you need, and you will be able to fire away all the pickling questions you can think of during the course of the day, as with a small group, you will have Alex all to yourselves.

During the morning, Alex will demonstrate multiple pickling techniques, sharing her knowledge on heat processing, storage, vinegar and sterilisation as she pickles different winter veg and fruits, discussing how to flavour them with what's in your garden as she goes, and sharing a quick pickling method to help reduce your kitchen waste.  You will also make a jar of pickles to take home and hear the multitude of ways to incorporate pickles into your daily diet.

We'll wander and pick in the kitchen garden too, and a delicious CORNERSMITH-STYLE lunch will follow.

Alex and I will very much hope to see you here, for what is most certainly going to be a day pickle-packed with information and inspiration.

For all the details and the booking form for CORNERSMITH at GLENMORE, please click here, and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me

Very best wishes


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