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The Borders, nearing their time for a good cut back....

Hello all,

Whilst I've been alluding to the WINTER PRUNING & ALL THAT workshop these last few newsletters, it's simply had to wait its turn as I do like to tempt you in the order in which events roll around!  At last it's time to invite you to this jam-packed day that I introduced to the calendar for the first time last year. And what a day it was - with some pretty experienced gardeners and would-be ones too! We covered a huge amount of plant material, made a lovely mess for me to clear up after and by all accounts, really got to the crux of a lot of gardening issues.  This year, it's on SATURDAY 16 JUNE.

We'll tackle all the ornamentals here, from shrubs to roses, herbaceous perennials, plants grown from rhizomes, climbers (it's the day we look at everything but the Kitchen Garden) and having planted it all, I've been coaxing it into life from season to season, year to year for a very long time now.  In fact, as an aside, today it's 30 years since Larry went to that fateful auction and bought a collection of dilapidated buildings without my knowledge!  So this Saturday is 30 years since my first visit to Glenmore - lucky for him I was up for an adventure - the journey of a lifetime! Yes I know we should be celebrating with an Open Garden but Larry insists it wasn't officially ours (or the bank's anyway!) for another year because the solicitors couldn't find the title deeds....so he insists we should mark the occasion next year. Men, really......!!!! Anyway, given the drought situation, it's probably just as well, but watch this space!

And so....I am just longing to pick up my secateurs and launch into a BIG pruning session! On the day, as we go, I'll explain how I re-shape the garden each year - searching for self-sown plants, ones that have 'layered' and digging clumps for division - making the most of what nature has provided.  It will be a big day and will go ahead rain, hail or shine. As you know by now, with me....it will be very down to earth, literally.

We'll end the morning with a late, simple but hearty seasonal lunch....I think I can feel the first batch of Tuscan Peasant Soup coming on - such a perfect lunch for gardeners and as the kale is steaming ahead in the Kitchen Garden, why not? There will be some other treat in store too - we'll just have to see what the garden brings; and I know Kim will happily keep the fire stoked for our return indoors! 

All the details and the booking form are here, and as always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

The Kitchen Garden is moving along at quite a pace now, and I'd love to see you here for the last inTHE KITCHEN GARDEN before spring.  There is so much to learn in the autumn/winter season which produces some of our favourite fruit and veg - from fennel and citrus, to brassicas and broad beans, peas and leafy greens to perfect-to-roast root veg.  It's on SATURDAY 2 JUNE and all the details are here

Otherwise, as we head into winter, I'll be planning days to tempt you here in the spring!

Very best wishes


ps I wonder if you've managed to score yourself a ticket to Five Seasons: The Gardens of Piet Oudolf - screening at the moment?  I have my name on a couple, thanks to Michael McCoy's alert last week and suggest, if you have more than a passing interest in gardens, that you try to do the same - here are the details as seen on The Planthunter.

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