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Willow panel by Penny Simons....

Hello everyone

I hope you've enjoyed the most delightful long weekend....what weather! I had three whole days gardening - woohoo!  Making compost, preparing for crop rotation, seed sowing....I know a few of you were keeping up with it all on instagram....it was certainly all systems go!

Also, a sneaky little event crept onto the calendar over the weekend - a WILLOW PANEL WORKSHOP with PENNY SIMONS on FRIDAY 26 OCTOBER.

For awhile now, Penny and I have been discussing panels, or hurdles as they're often called.  I've always wanted one and have been taking photos of them for years whenever I stumble across a good one....sometimes they're very simple indeed, at other times quite decorative and complex.  They're lovely to prop up a trailing plant, to divide a bed or as a stand-alone panel to stop foot traffic...say in a boggy patch (heavens....wouldn't it be lovely to have a boggy patch right now - wishful thinking!) or to use as a makeshift gate. Or you may just want to hang it on your wall to enjoy.  

Whichever, the day will be fun and you'll go home at the end with something to be hugely proud of.  Once again, you do need strong hands to work with willow, but these won't be quite as cumbersome as the 'wigwams' to take home in your car....well...depending on the size you choose to make!  This will appeal to those who have attended Penny's 'structures' workshops here as much as to those who have yet to try their hand at one.

How excited I am that we will see another willow-work form take shape at a workshop here!  I love seeing those bundles that Penny's collected come to life during the course of the day.....when there's a delightful sense of camaraderie as everyone goes about their own work - at times there's silence with everyone in deep concentration, at others lots of chatter, with Penny all the while patiently guiding and talking you through the principles, the tips and the tricks. And of course there will be lunch to give you a welcome break. The garden's at peak production so something full of the essence of spring will await you at the long table in the loggia .  

I simply can't wait!  All details and the booking form are here and if you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Penny and I will very much hope to see you here.

With best wishes as always,


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