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Gillian Bell: has whisk, will travel....

Hello everyone,

I just couldn't resist tempting you with one more surprise event before the whirl of the silly season has us in its thrall. An event too, that will generate its very own aura of celebration.

I am simply delighted to invite you to spend the day with GILLIAN BELL on SATURDAY 24 NOVEMBER, one of baking and banter, of food and flowers...all the things that make Gillian tick. A private cook and globe-trotting wedding cake maker, you can read more about the quirky life she's forged for herself on the booking form here

And of course, she is one half of the very popular Podcast, DISPATCH TO A FRIEND. So for those who listen, you'll have some idea of what to expect: along with answering all your baking questions, bursting any myths that may undermine your confidence in the kitchen and helping to build your baking repertoire, there will be laughter and friendship, hilarious tales and wise words, in equal measure.

Then of course, there will be CAKE.  We will bake CAKE. We will eat CAKE!  You will take home CAKE! We just don't know yet what the cake will be, because as is her norm, Gillian will be guided entirely by what's in the garden and available locally (not unlike you-know-who really in those pursuits, but Gillian is a real cook!).  Of course there will be other goodness from the garden to balance out the cake - we're not that silly!  We'll go on a gathering foray, plucking what we can find to contribute to a delicious seasonal, garden-inspired, long-table lunch. I've just planted a whole lot of seedlings and been distributing seed throughout the garden, so this should be a joyous escapade in itself! What a way to spend the last Saturday of spring.

All the details, as well as plenty more about Gillian's story, are here.  And if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

We will both very much look forward to seeing you here.

With best wishes as always,


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