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Seasonal crop rotation....it sure is that time of year!

Hello everyone,

Just a quick note to let you know that....

is now LIVE!!!

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This time, as promised, I do talk about compost and cow  pats, about building structures and broad beans and well.....all the seasonal activity, with a bit of fun!  Thank you again to all who have sent messages via email, the website, or instagram. From what I gather, I'm answering some of your burgeoning questions along the way, which is the plan, without sounding like a how-to guide!  After all, it's just me and if you're enjoying it, that's really lovely.

Don't forget that you can attend real inTHE KITCHEN GARDEN workshops too, and see the garden and how it operates for yourself.  The last for this year is on SATURDAY 01 DECEMBER....by which time there will be some lovely fresh seed to share, amongst other things! Details and the booking form are here....

And one more little message - there are just two lucky last places left at both ABSTRACT PAINTING with MATILDA DUMAS this coming FRIDAY 09 NOVEMBER which I know is going to be the most fabulous day, and there are also two spots left with GILLIAN BELL on SATURDAY 24 NOVEMBER.  All details on the special events page of the website.  Til, Gillian and I would all love to see you here.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the podcast!

Very best wishes,


ps That was quite a storm last night and so welcome after the heat....with just enough rain to water the garden....for today anyway!  Seems those black cockatoos were right on cue....

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