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inThe Kitchen Garden with Mickey, the Podcast. Image Luisa Brimble

Hello everyone,

Well.....what has she done this time? I hear you ask!  And well may you, as I'm kind of still asking myself the same question!

The idea of a PODCAST was something that crept up on me slowly, almost by stealth....prompted by a groundswell of questions and requests, comments and anecdotes that eventually reached a tipping point.  Because I know not everyone can get to each and every workshop, and the regrets and wishful thinking messages I receive caused me to think I really must do something about it (let alone Kim prompting me in the background on event days as she loads the dishwasher or stirs a saucepan....'why don't you do a podcast'....one stack of plates....'you should you know'.....as she does another 'they'd love it....I was just talking with....at the pantry door and they said....'!  It was also the road trip, where audiences still wanted 'more' when given the option to continue the kitchen garden story where it could quite happily have come to a natural end.  Clearly more information, for some, is welcome.  I'm not saying this is for everyone, but for some, I really do hope it will be helpful.


So for those regular participants who just can't be here every time, for those in the far reaches of the state, in other parts of the country and indeed other countries in the world (yes Leslie in Oregon, USofA - I mean you!!).  I hope this will give some added insight to the working of the kitchen garden here at Glenmore.

One thing that does make me laugh though, is during the last near-dozen years writing these newsletters, I've quite got used to the sound of my own voice in my head....as I read them over and over to be sure they make sense before hitting the 'send' button.  But that's a very different thing to listening to my own voice actually speak! Eeeeeeeek!

What peculiar pathways and adventures life takes us on....and I'd certainly never have guessed at this one!  Then a quote crossed my path a few weeks ago (thanks to Penny Simons) that just resonated: 

"The purpose of life is to discover your gift.  The work of life is to develop it.  The meaning of life is to give your gift away". David Viscott.  

Seems to me that somewhere along the way, mine predominantly became Kitchen Gardening.  Of course I don't think the accountant would agree with the last line, but I just can't help myself....oh dear! Anyway, I'll still very much hope to see you here at inThe Kitchen Gardening workshops in real life, because nothing equals being in the garden, to drink it in, to soak it up.....perchance to learn from it....and to taste its produce.

Having hatched the plan though, I must thank Leonie Marsh for setting me straight about how on earth to go about it, and for 'producing' the podcast for me, because I can tell you these last couple of months have seen a lot of tech stuff going on behind the scenes that's truly enough to do my head in!  Technology and I do not go together but Leonie has been very patient! And to Lana Kristensen for working on the sound, thanks to Leonie for bringing LK on board (and I'd never have discovered either of them if it wasn't for Annabelle Hickson & Gillian Bell and their podcast Dispatch to a Friend! Have you listened to it? To be honest, it's the only podcast I do listen to....they make me smile). Then there's Vanessa who 'hosts' my website and has been at the pointy end of the re-design of the site for 'mobile optimisation', at the same time as incorporating the new podcast pages. So now you can look at the entire website properly on your phone. Honestly....I'd rather be in the garden!  But eventually, with me on content and the other clever clogs making it happen, (albeit a few days later than anticipated with tech glitches) we have the INTRODUCTORY EPISODE for you to LISTEN to now, with EPISODE ONE coming tomorrow and...I've been busy writing EPISODE NOTES for you to READ! I've no doubt these will all gather momentum as we start moving through the seasons and I get into the swing of it properly, and all you need to do, if you feel so inclined, is to hit this LINK to take you to the PODCAST PAGE on the website! Or wherever you get your podcasts - iTunes? It's a whole new world!

I do very much hope that you enjoy it.


With best wishes as always,


ps Abstract Painting with Matilda Dumas 9 November details here; Willow Panels with Penny Simons 26 October details here; Gardens on the Edge with Christine Reid 19 October details here (did you read Robin Powell's review in yesterday's SMH Spectrum?) and of course inThe Kitchen Garden with Mickey - the last two of the year are on 3 November and 1 December details here!

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