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Spring peas inThe Kitchen Garden

Hello again everyone,

I'm so excited about these peas (after the rain!) that I just had to pop them in here for you to see! Listen to EPISODE ONE of the PODCAST and you'll see why! What a difference a decent fall of rain makes!  Not that it's broken the drought here, but since I recorded Episode One, obviously we've had a decent drop and it is heartening, to say the least!  But I know some folk have missed out altogether, including very dear friends....but it looks like there's another good chance later this week - fingers crossed.

So....clearly the timing of alerting you to the Podcast, its Introduction and Episode One, is a week out of whack (which in the general scheme of things isn't the end of the world) - the garden itself is on track!  As is what I say! But the original intention was to release it all last week, before a little technical glitch had us on the back foot.  So on listening to Episode One and reading the related notes, please just pretend it's last week!

Now that we're over the hurdle of this being the first time, we'll be on schedule in the future.  Thank you for the many lovely messages after yesterday's Introduction....it will be there for all time now, so you can just visit and listen whenever it suits.  And don't forget to look at the corresponding Episode Notes....they balance out the audio with images and further explanations, as well as a link here and there, and the inevitable tangent or two!

And so....I am delighted to let you know that EPISODE ONE of inTHE KITCHEN GARDEN WITH MICKEY, the PODCAST is now LIVE!  Just click here to listen, as well as to read, via the website.

So now.....I'll return to my more regular newsletter pattern, and stop bombarding you: Episode Two won't be available 'til the beginning of next month!

Very best wishes as always,


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