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The kitchen garden never rests....

Hello everyone,

I just thought I'd drop you a line, now the last workshop for the season is over (and how delightful it was to wrap up with Saturday's winter pruning).  While pruning-proper is getting underway, I'm also in the early stages of planning some exciting events here at Glenmore for late winter and spring, and although final details won't be up 'til early July, the new dates confirmed so far are:

CORNERSMITH PICKLING WORKSHOP: Cornersmith founder ALEX ELLIOTT-HOWERY is heading this way to spread a little of her pickling magic with us on FRIDAY 17 AUGUST.  This will be a very instructive, partially hands-on and most inspiring day, with a Cornersmith-style lunch to conclude the intensive morning session.  I've been trying to get Alex here to share her know-how with us for ages and I am very excited that we have a date in the diary at last! 

WILLOW STRUCTURES with PENNY SIMONS: this will be a repeat performance of our fabulous day last year, when the huge bundles of willow that Penny hauled into the Dairy that morning were but a mound on the floor at 10am, yet standing as the most sensational structures by home time - thanks to Penny's excellent supervision and our clever participants (who didn't think they were at the beginning of the day but were beaming by the end!).  This one is on FRIDAY 24 AUGUST.

ABSTRACT PAINTING with MATILDA DUMAS: following Til's vibrant, colourful and joyous exhibition here last year, she'd like to tempt you to have a go yourselves (and I just know she will be the most generous and encouraging of teachers). This will be a treat indeed....an extra special day, on FRIDAY 9 NOVEMBER.

There's more to come on the special event front....in particular, watch this space for details coming soon of an exciting conversation around house, home, interiors....with a clutch of our leading designers who share my passion for home....we think towards the end of September.

As to the regular workshops, my inTHE KITCHEN GARDEN days will continue to take place on the first Saturday of each month. Those dates are up on the calendar.
However I've been deliberating for some time about whether to continue splitting these days into morning and afternoon sessions (which I initiated for two reasons: one to reduce the price for participants and the other, to give a choice of time to attend as I know how fractured Saturdays can be).  But I've decided, based on the real time it takes to explain the nuts & bolts of kitchen gardening, and allowing for the myriad questions that deserve comprehensive answers, to call an end to the afternoon sessions.  I'd rather spend more time with one group during a long morning and not rush, as this is really fundamental information that needs to be absorbed.  And then....there is lunch!  And once everyone is at the table, sitting in the sun, mulling over the morning, eating what's been seen growing in the garden (little morsels of which we've already tasted on our way around - a leaf here, a bud there) well....it's a shame to break it up!  So it's goodbye afternoon sessions. 

If the few I've run this way are anything to go by, these days will end at around 3pm. If you would like me to run a private day for a group of friends on an alternate day, please just ask - I'm happy to run them on weekdays too, and at a pinch, I can do the odd one on a Sunday if you like - I know some of you struggle with children's sport, so if you have a group, do let me know and I'll see what I can do.  Once I have the special events slotted into place, I'll add an atHome with Mickey or two to the calendar....so we can have a bit of fun cooking together with spring produce.

So there you go...a few temptations to brighten these chilly days!  If you would like to put your name on a list for any of those special events while I'm still ironing out the details, do send me a message.  And in the meantime, rug up, eat well and I'll look forward to being in touch again soon.

Very best wishes


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