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The Great Dixter Cookbook, Aaron Bertelsen

Hello everyone,

How excited I am to invite you to a glorious TWILIGHT SUPPER on FRIDAY 16 FEBRUARY to meet Vegetable Gardener and Cook at the very great and illustrious English garden, Great Dixter! AARON BERTELSEN is visiting Australia to promote THE GREAT DIXTER COOKBOOK, containing his Recipes from an English Garden (published by Phaidon). 

With limited time to hatch a plan.....what could be more delightful I thought, than a twilight supper - that bewitching hour few visitors have the opportunity to enjoy at Glenmore. Then, I wondered....wouldn't it be quite marvellous if BARBARA SWEENEY (in her most favourite guise....talking to cooks who write) could quiz Aaron between our main course and pudding, about his role at Great Dixter, the legacy of Christopher Lloyd, working alongside esteemed head gardener Fergus Garrett and, of course, gardening in one of the most renowned gardens in the world and cooking, on a daily basis, the fruits of his own labour?

I've persuaded Aaron to oversee me prepare his precious recipes that afternoon and am expecting a good deal of input!  This is not complex food, but the stuff of gardening days.....the kind to prepare as you chat with good friends then share together, straight from the garden.  So you can understand why it appeals to me so much and it's also the kind of food that is great for simple long-table suppers!

So on a whim, here we are with a delightful opportunity for everyone interested in gardens, produce and simple, seasonal, honest food, arranged by those passionate about the same.

We very much hope you will join us.  I'm aware that getting out of Sydney can be tricky at that hour, so if indeed you're coming from that direction, try to escape earlier if you can. Twilight is so magical and even our heat-ravaged summer garden is heaven when bathed in soft pink light, the surrounding hills a haze as they heave a sigh of relief.....

As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. For all details, and to make a booking, please click here. Oh....and of course a copy of Aaron's book will be included and naturally, he'll be happy to sign it!  Treat yourself!  We very much hope to see you here.

With very best wishes


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