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Anthia's garden in the evening light....

Hello everyone,

The little bed I made for Anthia a couple of years ago is looking such a picture at the moment.....all echinacea, lavender and lemon verbena flowers, lemon thyme, dried seed heads of burdock and glorious rose hips.....which got me thinking.....it must surely be time for another workshop!  This is the first time R. canina has produced hips, so surely that's cause enough to celebrate?  Anthia thought she'd like to do something a little bit different this time, so we'd like to invite you to COOKING WITH TEA & HERBAL INFUSIONS on SATURDAY 21 APRIL.

Everything Anthia touches is about health and wellbeing.  Her depth of knowledge about these topics is captivating and listening to her speak on the advantageous properties various herbs and spices can contribute towards our good health is always enlightening. Anthia's food is non-fussy, wholesome, honest, elegant and just plain good....using the best seasonal, organic produce but also combining specific ingredients for the greatest benefit to her own health as well as those around her.  Whilst to date the Glenmore workshops have heavily emphasised the Herbal garden....this one won't be too far removed, but will be more of a cooking day.

As always, participants will sit down to a long-table lunch, but this time prepared by Anthia (with me as side-kick) and participants pitching in too! There will be tea and infusion taste-testing during the morning, along with much discussion as to why and when to use these concoctions (as well as how). Then the focus will be on preparing lunch, which we will all enjoy together.

We do hope you will join us, when snippets of Anthia's garden will be on the day's menu! For all details and to make a booking, please click here, and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch

Very best wishes as always,


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