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How did my Boxing Day come to this?  I only MEANT to WATER the garden....!!

Hello everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I hope you've enjoyed a combination of festivity and quiet time this past fortnight or so. How I wish that week of bliss between Christmas and New Year would stretch just a little more but alas.....we must simply make the most of those magical days when time doesn't seem to matter one jot!

I don't mind being (partially!) back at my desk though - refreshed and reinvigorated (despite dragging the hose around the garden in the early hours each morning to beat the stifling heat). I feel I'm almost tripping over the list of exciting list of events planned for 2018, even though the finer details will tumble out a little more slowly!

Already up on the calendar and bookings page to tempt you are details for TRISHA DIXON'S MEDITERRANEAN MEANDERING on Thursday 1 March.  Trisha is a vivacious force of nature and will bring a very personal insight to some exquisite gardens that are off the beaten track and intoxicating on many levels. Following hot on her heels will be a return visit by PATRICE NEWELL, on her ADVENTURES WITH GARLIC on Thursday 8 March (perfect timing as we look to plant our 2018 crop). I'm sorry to run these two days so close together, but such are their hectic lives that I must simply grab them for you when I can!  I am thrilled too, that INDIA FLINT will return for a day of alchemistic dyeing on Thursday 5 April. And during the year the list will unfurl.....with Anthia, Belinda, Barbara and Matilda, Jardine, Alex, Michelle, Penny and Miss Sarah Glover.....plus more in the  pipeline.

One of these days I'd like to invite this dynamic and inspiring collection of women here together for one electrifying event! But in the meantime, you have the possibility to meet them each individually, and I very much hope you will take the opportunity to treat yourself, encourage a friend, son, daughter, parent, partner, to absorb the valuable information and vitality they each have to share.

Please let me know if you'd like to pop your name on a list while the fine details are still scant.  There's an actual list with dates saved so far on the calendar and bookings page. I know some of you have missed out on an event in the past, but the best thing is to keep an eye on those newsletters and pounce fast! 

All that said, the very first event of the year is inTHE KITCHEN GARDEN with you- know-who on SATURDAY 3 FEBRUARY.  I decided to make it a morning session only as I know just how hot it can be at this time of year (but we'll still have lunch of course!).  I'd be delighted to see you on the day.  All details here.

I'll very much hope to see you at Glenmore during the course of the year.

With very best wishes as always,


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